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Healing Process

  • Day 1-2: you might have slight redness and / or discomfort 

  • Day 2-4: The color will appear darker as it begins healing

  • Day 5-7: Exfoliation begins and they start to itch. Do not exfoliate yourself.  Skin will flake and peel from the outside edges first.

  • Day 8-12: Once flaking is complete there will still be a nearly invisible later of skin that will make your color appear faded. With in the first 2 weeks after flaking you will notice some of the color coming back through as the skin continues to repair itself.  You will see the strokes widen and soften.

  • Day 14: Its not unusual to see some strokes fade or disappear. 

  • The touch-up is to go over the strokes that may have disappeared. This is why the treatment is a 2 step process. 

  • Your touch-up will ensure the longevity of your color. 3 months should be the maximum amount of time before your touch-up. 

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